Enterprising follows Philosophy and Communication follows Respect

Katerina Soulioti

Who we are

Our company provides interpretation and translation services. Is staffed with Chinese and Greek translators and interpreters, possessing perfect scientific training and long-standing experience in this field. Our staff, besides the profound knowledge of the Chinese and Greek language, has a long-lasting working experience in multinational business enterprises and public organizations. The basic principles of our Company are integrity and professionalism.

Our Mission

If we are to consider that the modern Western European civilization was based on Ancient Greece, on its history and philosophy, then it is certain that the same happened in the East with ancient China. It is because of that, that there is a huge mutual respect between these two civilizations.
Our mission is, in contemporary terms and modern techniques, to bridge this gap, which due to language separates the two peoples. But it is not only that. We are not satisfied with an exceptional translation or with an accurate interpretation. We advance to the realm of cultural exchanges, international seminars, counseling services, so that this bridging becomes a reality in all aspects of activities.

Our philosophy

Communication is the key to success in all fields. Nevertheless, for communication to become essential, scientific dexterity is not enough. We believe in the integrity of work, in mutual esteem and respect, on the consistency and accuracy of the agreements and mainly in love for the self-same object.