Knowledge is acquired through hard work and Communication through harmony.

Mina Xie

Who we are

Our company provides interpretation and translation services. Is staffed with Chinese and Greek translators and interpreters, possessing perfect scientific training and long-standing experience in this field.

Our Services

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter is called upon to facilitate the communication between the two parties, speaking different languages…

The translation of texts is the conversion of a written text from one language into another.

Between Greece and China exists undoubtedly a mutual respect. It is not coincidental that the two philosophies started flourishing in the same period and that wise men began contemplating and investigating the knowledge, which we are exchanging for centuries now.

We undertake and carry out counseling programs on a wide spectrum, traditionally referring on the relations between Greece and China.

Mina Xie

Co-Founder and Partner

Mina Xie was born in China. When fifteen years old, with a scholarship of the Chinese government came to Greece and began her studies of the Greek language in Arsakio College. She went on to broaden her knowledge, with postgraduate studies in Economic Diplomacy in China and post-graduate studies of the Jean Monet program in European Union issues, in Pandio University.
Mina Xie was a significant staff of τhe human resources of the Peoples’ Republic of China Foreign Ministry for thirty years. She occupied positions of high responsibility, such as first Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, head of the Southern Europe section, the object being Greece, Political Advisor in the Embassy of China in Greece and, among other, political advisor on Western European affairs. At the same time she was undertaking formal translation and interpretation services in countless numbers of Chinese and Greek delegations.
From 2008 to 2010, she was the representative of EOT (National Tourism Organization) in Shanghai. Returning to Greece continued as responsible of translation for the Chinese issue of the Athens News Agency and President of the Sino-Hellenic Culture Company.
To Mina Sie is attributed the opening of the relations between Greece and China. She is recognized as one of the highly respected personalities. In our days, her passion and love, her experience and knowledge continue expressing themselves through

‘ Knowledge is acquired through hard work and Communication through harmony. ’
Mina Xie

Katerina Soulioti

Co-Founder and Partner

Katerina Soulioti, graduated from BCA College, in Business Administration in 2008. Then followed studies in Chinese language at the University of Beijing, BLCU and completed her post-graduate studies in International Commerce, in the UIBE University of Beijing in 2015. She started her working career in the company Elgeka S.A, in the Human Resources department and thereafter in Marketing, for two years. She worked in OPE (Exports Promoting Organization) from 2007 to 2008, in the communication and promotion of Greek Enterprises section. During her stay in China she was project manager in business plans, for various companies, among them Palirria S.A. Returning to Greece she worked as a free lancer, offering interpretation and translation services, as well as teaching Chinese.
Her particular love for knowledge, communication and creativity, led her to the creation of an organization, in which Greek philosophy converses with the philosophy of China.

‘ Enterprising follows Philosophy and Communication follows Respect ’
Katerina Soulioti

Paris Tsevas

Legal and Cultural consultant

Paris Tsevas graduated from Lycée Leonin in 1981 and thereafter he studied Economics (1985) and Law (1989) in Athens. He specialized in contract law and international arbitration. Since 1991 he practices law and he is a partner of the law firm “Tsevas – Charalambis and Associates”. He deals with commercial and companies law, as well with law having to with real-estates investment. He is legal counselor of many business enterprises. He has a law office in Milan, engaging exclusively in offering advisory services on taxation matters. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.
His love for Art and knowledge of Greek and Chinese civilization in exchange with respect for the law could not have been missing from this organization.

‘ If Art had no life, the history of the East and of the West could not be painted ’
Paris Tsevas