If Art had no life, the history of the East and of the West could not be painted

Consecutive interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter is called upon to facilitate the communication between the two parties, speaking different languages…

Simultaneous interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter is called upon to execute a verbal translation, on the same tone and time with the speaker.
It requires concentration and accuracy.

Translation of texts

The translation of texts is the conversion of a written text from one language into another. We undertake any type of texts (legal texts, contracts, books, movies, publicity leaflets, web pages etc.).


We undertake and carry out counseling programs on a wide spectrum, traditionally referring on the relations between Greece and China. We cover the industry, the services sector, shipping and tourism. We cooperate with the best Consultative Companies and free lance professionals specializing on the markets of China and Greece, in order to achieve the optimum result

Cultural issues

Between Greece and China exists undoubtedly a mutual respect. It is not coincidental that the two philosophies started flourishing in the same period and that wise men began contemplating and investigating the knowledge, which we are exchanging for centuries now.
Since 2007-2008, on the occasion of the organization of the Cultural Year of Greece in China, a multitude of events was covered by meetings and translations, artistic cooperation, sculpture and painting exhibitions. Up to now Cultural Exchanges continue to happen, bringing even closer the two peoples. We are organizing and hosting with joy these entities and these activities.

Chinese lessons

Chinese is one of the most ancient languages that survived till this day. A large percentage of people choose to learn the Chinese language, not only for professional reasons, but also because learning Chinese develops the right hemisphere of the brain, which maintains & develops imagination. The Chinese language is based in the actual idea and image, unlike Western languages. Learning Chinese improves memory, thinking and imagination. Our company has the right tutors for anyone who wants to to learn this valuable language in an ease and quick manner.